Rolling Home

Now fair well Australian daughters
we shall leave your fruitful, short.
We shall soon cross deepblue waters,
to see our homes and friends once more.
We shall sang back souns and chanties,
say „Good bye“ to all friends here
we shall soon trip our ancre
and for old Hamburg we shall steere.

|: Rolling home, (rolling home),
rolling home, (rolling home)
Rolling home across the sea
(home across the sea)
Rolling home to merry old Hamburg,
rolling home to you land to thee. :|

Eastward, eastward, ever eastward
to the raising up the sun.
We have steared ever eastward
since our void has began.
Of Cape Horn on a winters morning
setting sails in ice and snow
you could here the shellback shalten:
„Hoist the wave and let her go!“.